Pathfinder - Second Darkness

Today in Second Darkness

Stuff will happen.

Something happens...


And we get attacked… again.  It seems like more of a full on raid to rob us/Saul than the previous attacks though.


A missing Dwarf
A new day at work


A new day a new job.  We had to head over into the rough part of town to look for the paymaster of whoever wants to see Sauls business go under.   The others managed to keep to shadows, moving quietly and trying not to be noticed.   I ….. am not good at not being the centre of attention.

Fortunately, the attendant thugs proved less than resistant to a little light hypnosis and we were on our way.

Our target had been horribly murdered…. by someone else. Clearly, they were trying to 'clean up' the trail.  This was serious.  Still, Saul wasn't dreadfully surprise that the trail went cold.  He had us working bar, Eikie and Bishal working security, and Shari and me working the crowd.  We managed to talk down a bunch of trouble making sailors, with some charm, Charm and beer.  Shari's really something in that regard.   Saul was pleased and we got made Partners!! Cash money!  This is looking up!  With the money I made, I moved into better rooms at a better Inn and started copying spells from my new spellbook.


Shadow in the Sky, a night at the Golden Goblin

Raiders!… Thwarted!

 A blinding flash caused screams of panic,  most of the guards, servers and patrons where blinded, though of of the party, only Passu was effected
Then they heard, above the cries of confusion a womans voice: "All right folks!  Drop to the ground and dont try anything stupid and we might let you live!"

Sorinnia :  I had a copper piece for every time someone has said 'don't do anything stupid'  I could clear my bar tab.
Bishal  "If you had a copper piece for every time you <u>did</u> something stupid, you could clear it twice!" Bishal mutters back.

From their violence ensued the raiders where the wizard who had blinded people, the woman calling orders and four thugs.  Clearly used to working together the thugs moved to subdue the unblinded bouncers.  One of which managed to put up a fight and another who went down with a thump at the first touch of a cudgel.   

Following Sorinnia's lead in doing something stupid, both Shari and Bishal realised they were unarmed for this fight,  Bishal needed to string his bow, and Shari went to secure a whip and pull her hand crossbow from its cunning concealment.   Sorinnia unleashed a sleep spell. which drove two of the thugs to the gentle arms of Morpheus while resisting a counter-enchantment cast by the woman,   that nearly incapacitated her with gales of laughter.  Eike proved true to the training of the wise philosopher monks of the Barony of Thorns, by charging straight at the woman, while yelling questions aimed at determining her exact moral stance. Since he felt attacking the Golden Goblin, a wretched den of vice and decadence that it was, might actually be a moral act if done for the right reasons. 

Unable to weave a spell at the wizard due to the range, Sorinnia contented herself with casting a charm against one of the still conscious thugs, given that you can never have too many friends.

As the wizard stole the 'devil's treasure' that was the prize of the tournament, the woman backed away from the questioning dwarf to regroup with him.  Seeing that they were cunning thieves and not moralistic crusaders. Eike charged the wizard running him down and running him over. The woman was shot by Bishal, finally, Shari used her whip to strike the woman down to the ground while giving the wizard swift dart to the torso to encourage him to stay prone.  While Sorinnia talked her charmed thug into fleeing, the remaining raider, in a touching show of loyalty charged Shari, only to be sucker punched into immobility by Eike as he ran to close.  As suddenly as it began the battle ended.  



Shadow in the Sky, Riddleport Intro

"And so it begins…"

Character Introduction

Where are we?

Who are we?

What do we want?

Where is Riddleport?

Can I buy a drink?

Will you buy me a drink?

These & many other questions are answered.


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