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Sorinnia - Joe:

Is of Urban Varisian stock, from Khorvosa,  she studied Varisian history and magic at the Acadamae.

She enjoyed being a student more than she enjoyed studying,  though she is genuinely interested in ancient Thassalonian magic,  relying on intelligence rather than effort, she met Bishal while hanging round low life bars, prior to him being sent to the countryside by his family.

While she managed to graduate, somehow, from the academae,  she has discovered that it takes more than charm and smarts to become a cyphermage ( having skipped all the lectures on scroll writing for example) she is now near broke, looking for work.  Her friend Bishal has come to town…. he's all 'dire warning, druidic prophecy blah blah blah,  but he also has a sharp eye and light fingers, the perfect backup for this town.

Bishal - Tom:

is an aasimar from Tian  eastern father and a varisian mother. He has gown up all his in this continent though, as it is his mother's home. I grew up in Khorvosa, where I engaged a little in the disreputable side of city life. There meeting a good drinking buddy, the lazy student wizard Sorinna. Then my family decided to move away to make sure I grew up with a few more morals. Given my father's nationality is from a people with many hunters on the panes we moved to live with the Druid and ranger communities outside of Rivenport. With the recent disruption, the druids have divined that the cause is in this city, so I'm here to find it.

With an eastern look, darker skin, dark hair and eyes, Bishal is never seen without his faithful wolf companion.

Eike - Jenny:

Is short for a dwarf, with pale greyish skin and only a thin trimming of grey hair, but a full belt-length beard.  He is unattractive and of a surly disposition.  He has been sent by his mountain kin to investigate the goings-on of the townsfolk – possibly because he grated on the wrong person.  He wears sturdy clothing suitable for hard labour and solid, metal-toed boots.

You know me more by reputation than personally – I'm known to be a bit reclusive.  There've been a few too many incidents involving the phrase "What did you call my mother?"

You know that I left the mountains to go and study in the Barony of Thorns and came back relatively recently.
After that, people casting aspersions on the good name of my mother tended to keep their opinions to themselves…

Shari – Jan:

…is a Taldoran elf with tawny coloured, long curled hair & amber eyes.  She dresses in comfortable, but fashionable garb, and is more likely to turn heads than not.  She arrived in Riddleport about a month ahead of the event & made her presence felt in the various inns and taverns about town before settling down in a room at the Publican House where she has had a series of beaus keep her in comfort.  Some whisper that she has been seen coming & going from the House of the Silken Veil.

Later in the evening Shari often dresses up wearing nicer clothes & often having quite extravagant make-up & facepaints.

Entries from chat

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