Pathfinder - Second Darkness

A new day at work


A new day a new job.  We had to head over into the rough part of town to look for the paymaster of whoever wants to see Sauls business go under.   The others managed to keep to shadows, moving quietly and trying not to be noticed.   I ….. am not good at not being the centre of attention.

Fortunately, the attendant thugs proved less than resistant to a little light hypnosis and we were on our way.

Our target had been horribly murdered…. by someone else. Clearly, they were trying to 'clean up' the trail.  This was serious.  Still, Saul wasn't dreadfully surprise that the trail went cold.  He had us working bar, Eikie and Bishal working security, and Shari and me working the crowd.  We managed to talk down a bunch of trouble making sailors, with some charm, Charm and beer.  Shari's really something in that regard.   Saul was pleased and we got made Partners!! Cash money!  This is looking up!  With the money I made, I moved into better rooms at a better Inn and started copying spells from my new spellbook.



Joedylan2000 Joedylan2000

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