Boneyard Cut

Climbing over Riddleport’s eastern ridge, this pass ascends almost 200 feet at a near-45-degree angle.  Garbage is carried over this pass on mule-drawn carts in well-worn ruts and then down at a shallower angle to a ledge 40 feet above the salt marsh.  At the terminus of this path is a sheer
cliff and the caretaker’s hut.

The caretaker, Hyram Crooge (CE male bugbear rogue 5), maintains a constant bonfire for the burning of some trash and dumps the rest over the cliff edge into the marsh below.

GM Only

Crooge uses his isolation and ranks in Disguise to hide his identity as anything other than a heavily cowled half-orc hermit of peculiar posture and questionable hygiene.  This false front serves his murderous instincts well as he sometimes descends the Cut on certain nights to brutally murder derelicts and drunks in the fog-wrapped streets of the city—his work has long been known as the doings of a killer named the “Rotgut Ripper.”



Boneyard Cut

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